Parachutes for Flight Test Pilots

High Altitude Parachutes & Survival Equipment


Butler Parachute Systems offers parachute systems for high altitude survival. Our High Altitude bailout systems are used by both civilian and military pilots worldwide. The pack is custom made per customer specifications and is available in either a back or seat-style parachute. Our High Altitude systems come standard with Capewell canopy releases, an oxygen bailout bottle, and a state-of-the-art CYPRES automatic activation device.

A full complement of comfort and survival options are available. Our rugged harness and our high-speed canopies will maximize your chances of survival during an emergency egress in the hostile environment of high altitudes. Our high altitude system features our HX high-speed canopy equipped with our patented BAT™ Slider technology. This unique design enables the canopy to withstand much higher weight and speed loads than any other canopy on the market.


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Custom Integrated Survival Equipment

Butler Parachute Systems manufactures parachutes with flotation and survival equipment stowage integrated into the parachute system. Custom integrated survival components are available with survival items chosen by the customer. We also manufacture a survival equipment vest (both with and without flotation) that can be worn under any parachute system and raft packages that can be sat on, worn behind the back or strapped onto your leg.

Available Options

In addition to being fitted with flotation and survival equipment, our flight test parachutes can be equipped with all the options available for our emergency personnel parachutes.

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