Parachutes for Pilots

Back, Seat, or Chair Pack Parachutes

state-of-the-art pilot parachute systems

We have been designing and building high quality, custom pilot emergency parachutes since 1979. Our engineering, technical, and rigging staff have a combined total of 157 years of experience in the parachute industry. The entire staff at Butler Parachute Systems is focused on producing innovative, state-of-the-art parachute systems with our customer’s safety and comfort in mind.

Whether you are flying coast-to-coast, or pushing hard G’s, you need a parachute that will maximize comfort and not cause pain. A custom fit pilot parachute will ensure a level of comfort only matched by the cushions you’re removing to use the parachute. An emergency bailout from a disabled aircraft demands survival equipment that can push the limits of performance without compromise. Our rugged harness and our high speed canopies will maximize your chances of survival if you ever have to bailout!

  • two pilots walk into the sunset wearing blue and gray Butler back parachutes

    Back Pack Parachutes

    When you have more fore-aft room than head room

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  • woman with vintage aircraft wearing blue Butler seat parachute

    Seat Pack Parachutes

    When you have more head room than fore-aft room

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  • vintage aircraft in flight against cloudless, blue sky

    Chair Parachutes

    A longer back pack that extends below the waist line.

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  • Chest Parachutes

    Well-suited for cabin class, transport and cargo aircraft where the comfortable harness can be worn at all times with the parachute pack stowed in a convenient location ready for emergency use.

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