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HX-Series Canopies

The Butler HX-series canopies are our high speed canopies. These canopies were designed to withstand the speeds and weight-loads of modern aircraft. The astronaut on SpaceShip II that parachuted to safety when it failed at 40,000 ft was wearing a High Altitude System equipped with an HX-500. Our HX-series canopies are equipped with a patented Sombrero (dome-shaped) slider to achieve the highest rated performance in the industry.

Our HX-series canopies:
  • Virtually eliminates the chances of having a line-over malfunction – the most common and inherent malfunction experienced with round canopies.
  • The self-modulating performance of the slider provides a faster opening at low speeds, and a slower opening at higher speeds.
  • This performance is achieved without compromising the altitude necessary to inflate the canopy. While all round canopies take 3 to 5 seconds to open, the HX canopies will take less altitude to inflate.
P/NModelDiameterWeightMaximum Permitted Gross Weight † @ 170 KEAS*Maximum Recommended Gross Weight †† @ 170 KEAS*Demonstrated Overload KIAS**TSO Authorization
3101HX-30020’5.8250 lb160 lb300 lb @ 180 KIASC23d
3102HX-40023’6.4333 lb225 lb400 lb @ 205 KIASC23d
3103HX-50026’7.9416 lb280 lb450 lb @ 205 KIASC23f
3106HX-500/2426’8.5416 lb280 lb500 lb @ 205 KIASC23d
3104HX-60028’9.1500 lb340 lb600 lb @ 205 KIASC23d

*Knots equivalent airspeed: the calibrated airspeed corrected for adiabatic compressible flow for the particular altitude.

**Knots indicated airspeed: the speed shown on an aircraft’s pitot-static airspeed indicator.

  FAA certified weight limit which results in a rate-of-descent of 24 ft/sec at sea level.

†† Butler Parachute Systems recommended weight limit which results in a rate-of-descent of 20 ft/sec at sea level in order to reduce the potential for landing injuries.

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