Standard Seat Packs & Warbird Seat Packs

When you have less fore-aft room

Our Seat Parachutes

You don’t have to sacrifice space and comfort to wear a parachute. Our staff will work closely with you to design a custom seat parachute. We have made seat-style parachutes ranging from 12” to 18” wide, and 11” to 16” fore/aft. If your seat pan is wedge shaped, we can make the pack to fit the shape. The thickness of the pack can be tapered to give you leg support in the front and to sit you down lower in the back. A Memory (Confor) foam cushion can be added from one-quarter inch to 3” thick. A full complement of options are available.

We design and build all our bailout parachutes to fit both you and your aircraft seat. We offer a wide range of canopies equipped with our patented slider technology that enables the canopy to withstand the highest weight and speed loads.

Standard Seat Pack

Warbird Seat Pack

The Warbird Seat Pack comes standard with a 1 1/2” back pad cushion and a 3” Memory (Confor) foam seat cushion. A full complement of options are available.

Start designing your custom seat parachute!

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