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Our Lopo Series Canopies

The Butler LoPo canopies are designed to complement the company’s HX Series canopies, which are rated for much higher weights and speeds. Butler LoPo canopies are intended for environments where the high performance of the HX-line is not as critical, and budget is a significant factor. The LoPo-series are rated for speeds and weights that are equal to, or greater than, any competing products from other companies. Butler LoPo canopies feature a simpler version of the slider that is used on the HX-series canopies. The flat slider provides many of the benefits of the slider used on the HX-series and is also covered under the same patent. However, the flat slider is much simpler in design and construction and has contributed to the lower cost of the LoPo canopies.

P/NModelDiameterWeightMaximum Permitted Gross Weight † @ 150 KEAS*Maximum Recommended Gross Weight †† @ 150 KEAS*Demonstrated Overload KIAS**TSO Authorization
2101-1LoPo 35023’6.0220 lb175 lb264 lb @ 180 KIASC23d
2101-2LoPo 45026’7.0285 lb235 lb345 lb @ 180 KIASC23d
2101-3LoPo 55029’8.0330 lb300 lb420 lb @ 180 KIASC23d

* Knots equivalent airspeed: the calibrated airspeed corrected for adiabatic compressible flow for the particular altitude.

** Knots indicated airspeed: the speed shown on an aircraft’s pitot-static airspeed indicator.

  FAA certified weight limit which results in a rate-of-descent of 24 ft/sec at sea level.

†† Butler Parachute Systems recommended weight limit which results in a rate-of-descent of 20 ft/sec at sea level in order to reduce the potential for landing injuries.

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