Water Activated Riser Release Systems

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Waterborne operators such as the United States Coast Guard, USN Special Boat Squadrons, Seal Teams, USMC Force Recon and various other special operations forces have long recognized the need for a reliable, non-pyrotechnic parachute riser release to prevent vital supplies from being dragged during military airdrops into the water.

Butler Parachute Systems offers a completely mechanical, reusable device, that generates no hazards of any kind. The Water Activated Release Riser System for cargo (WARRS) is a release system with the well-known and proven 3-ring Release and a reusable mechanical device to ensure the parachute releases from the cargo within a few seconds after landing. This combination allows for a wide variety of applications. Note that the water activated release device and the various riser sections together comprise the “system” and all parts may be handled, shipped and stored as an inert device. The WARRS riser section with the 3-ring (and thus the release itself) typically remains with the cargo upon parachute release, allowing for recovery and re-use. All hardware used in the release device itself is corrosion resistant stainless steel or anodized aluminum. The WARRS may be used in either salt or freshwater. The WARRS system is not suitable for man-rated applications.

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