Chair Pack Parachutes

For Sailplanes & Aircraft Without Upholstery

Our Chair Parachutes

Our Chair Parachute is actually an extended version of our backpack chute and has been designed to form around the shape of your body from the shoulders around the seat out toward the knees. The chair-style emergency pilot parachutes are particularly well suited to use in sailplanes and other aircraft without upholstery. Chair-pack widths are 12” to 16″ wide and in any length from 32″ to 44″. Custom configurations are available.

The Chair parachutes are thickest behind the shoulders and taper to ½” at the bottom. In the sections under the seat and behind the hips they are quite thin, taking a minimum of leg and head room. However, because they are thickest behind the shoulders, they are not well suited for some airplanes with limited space between the pilot’s heat and the aircraft canopy.

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