What Our Customers Say

Butler Parachute Reviews

Steve Campbell

Thanks Tom. I am very happy that I was able to order the chute at the show. I spoke to two of my aerobatic pilot friends at the show, one has a Butler and the other wishes he did. They both told me that Butler is the best.

Jamie Hunt

I received the second parachute and have installed both of them in my T-34A Mentor. They are amazing! The fit is incredible. They slid right into the pan and gave the custom fit your brochure promised! The colors are phenomenal. I had no idea how much work went into the production until I took a good look at the stitching. What quality! Comfortable, simple to strap into, you guys deserve your reputation as the best! Thank you!

Ben Freelove

Just flew with my new parachute for the first time. It fits perfect and looks great. Thanks for all your help, I’m very happy with it and feel safer flying with it.

Brian Huffaker

Chute got here Thursday, tried it out over the weekend in the Starduster, fits great! More comfortable than the cushion I had been using.

Ron Thornton

Just got back from the UK. The chutes were waiting for me when I got there. Gorgeous, GORGEOUS rigs. Thank you once again. Like I said… hope I never have to use them. Fabulous work as always.

Mike Mays

Everyone is quick to complain, but you never hear from them when you do a job well done. The chute turned out perfect. It was worth the wait. I can’t even tell I have it on in the Extra. You and your team know your business and customer satisfaction. I will be going to the Nationals in two weeks and then Sebring. You can bet that I am going to show it off to everyone in the aerobatic circle. I have owned and used about every type of chute available in the 17 aerobatic aircraft that I have owned over the last 25 years and your chutes are by far the best.

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